No one should be surprised by their Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas health insurance coverage.

Dallas Fort-Worth families and individuals like you pay Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) good money each month for health insurance with the expectation that BCBSTX will work with physicians to provide ongoing access to emergency services. Unfortunately, BCBSTX is jeopardizing your access to in-network emergency care by refusing to be a good partner to local emergency medicine physicians.

You pay your monthly BCBSTX health insurance premium.

Emergency physicians provide life-saving care.

BCBSTX needs to do their part and ensure you keep in-network access to emergency care.

Effective April 15, 2019, Texas Medicine Resources emergency physicians are out-of-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.

Patients still have access to ALL emergency services in Dallas-Fort Worth emergency rooms. Additionally, Texas Medicine Resources WILL NOT balance bill Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas patients who come to one of the THR and Hunt Regional Healthcare emergency departments we staff.

We care about patients and believe all patients should have access to essential emergency services. Our issue is with fair reimbursement from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, not with the patients and families we serve.

Tweet or call BCBSTX today at 972-766-6900 and urge them to protect patients and work with Texas Medicine Resources.

Visit our News page to learn how we are protecting patients.