When your life is hanging in the balance, emergency medicine is the critical care you need.

Many Dallas-Fort Worth area hospital emergency departments are staffed by Texas Medicine Resources emergency physicians. Texas Medicine Resources physicians are experienced care givers who save lives daily. Despite their essential work, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) has refused to be a good partner to Texas Medicine Resources physicians and protect patients access to emergency services.

Texas Medicine Resources is asking BCBSTX for their first rate increase in 10 years. Fair compensation will ensure you, and other Dallas-Fort Worth patients, keep in-network access to emergency services. Fair compensation will give Texas Medicine Resources the ability to keep physicians and bring new physicians to the region.

You should not be surprised by your health insurance coverage because BCBSTX refuses to be a good partner to Texas Medicine Resources’ emergency physicians.

Today, BCBSTX pays Texas Medicine Resources physicians:

Half of what other Dallas-Fort Worth emergency care providers are paid

Half the commercially insured market average in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area

Texas Medicine Resources is asking BCBSTX to:

Protect patients access to emergency services.

Work with TMR physicians to protect patients.

Our goal in working with BCBSTX is to give patients continued in-network access to life-saving emergency services in our community today and in the future.

Tweet or call BCBSTX today at 972-766-6900, and urge them to protect patients and work with Texas Medicine Resources.